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to keep you busy and paid during the training I applied for a project for you to
participate in. Our Equipment dept got a part time position opened, below are the details.
We are now opening a new office in one of European countries and they require many types of
equipment now (basically laptops and phones). Our equipment department didn't find suppliers
for the reasonable prices yet and looks like it might take up to a month, now they need to
provide the equipment at least for the top managers. The Equipment dept plans to hire managers who
will buy all the necessary equipment for them, until they sign an agreement with supply company.
You showed good results for your tests, got positive characteristics from psychologist and a brilliant resume,
I won't have any problems to get you into their program. You will spend about 2 more weeks in training with me
and few weeks before stage 2, if you pass the final test (which I am sure won't be a problem for you), so you
will have time to start this part-time position.
The position is salary based, $300/week and paid weekly. Your duties will be limited to purchasing laptops and
phones and other equipment at On-line shops (mostly Apple equipment). You will purchase for the money that the
financial dept will send, you don't have to spend any of your own or pay upfront. It will take you up to 5 extra
hours a week. Our accountants will forward the instructions for you to access our account and apply for the payment.
Please note that you won't have to share any of your private/sensitive information, like account or card numbers.
Our Financial department will send you a manual with detailed instructions, documents, access parameters and their
contact information in case you need any help. The same way you will receive your commission weekly.
You don't have to involve any money of your own or pay for anything. This is a temporary position, during the training,
if you are interested in extra income. Besides that it's a good chance to get some extra points for the training, since
the competition CO is expected to be tough.
This opportunity will give you a vision of how our departments cooperate and will give you some advantage
against other candidates in your state. If you want me to apply with your file, let me know. I will write a recommendation
letter and send it to the training department together with your resume, I will also send you the manual and all
the necessary instructions.
Please note, your participation will considerably improve your personal file and
guarantee you a better paid position with our company. Please let me know at your earliest convenience, the Equipment
project starts Wednesday, Nov-16.

**** GO N-Y-Giants [!!!!]
David C. McAdams, Special Projects - (646) 257-5900
International Pacific Transportation Co., LLC

Country: USA   State: All USA

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