Charles W Howel Antiques

This started in August 12.2011. On when this person came to me(nameNYfishing65) saying he read my profile and just loved it and wanted to now if Ihad anyone and if not wouldlike to get to know me better. He wrote a beautiful love not gave me his email address so we could get aquainted better and said he was leaving
He send beautiful love letters everyday saying how much he was in love with my picture, and that he was looking for the right person and was sure I was it.
He told me he was an Antiques Deal and travel alot and just wanted someone to be with him forever and he was tired of being alone. Well, he said he at a deal with his hotel in name Setai, in Miami, and had to go to Malaysia to fine antiques for them. A week later he left but he send me 4dozen red roses stating that he loved me and will be back in a week. He continute to email and write his love letters missing me and everything. Then he wrote and told me that his bank put a stop on his account because they thought a fraud was going on it and he needed money to live. I told him that I don't have a lot of money, but I would try to help him, and sent him 1k and then he said he needed more, so sold all my jewelry and he promise he would pay me back another 1k. he then asked if he could has his associate wire money into my account because his was locke to help him and I said yes. because I trusted him, he wired money into my account and my mothers, and when it was wired he said to sent it thru western union, using differnet peoples names(like:OPAOQUN OLUWASEQUN AKINOLA,ROLAND GIBBS,CHRIS REEVES BECAUSE I BELIVED HIM HE NEED MONEY TO COME HOME. HE asked me to sell my car which I did also send it to me and he promise to come home and never did. Yet asking for more money 2k so he could fly home. I told him that I didn't have anything more to sell, and he told me if I don't get the money he never want to speak withme. So I got mad, told him I have all his im messages and email he sent and that all the western union transation. He went into my email account and deleted everything thinking I had nothing on him, But I printed everything earlier to keep. This went on from 9/12/2011 thru 11/14/2011.
If there is anyone out there who get this person I will help. He ruin my life and everything because I believed him!!!! the other scam that was put in earlier I denied, but ITS ALL TRUE.
God will punish him for what he is doing??? I even have pictures of him from MYSPACE WHICH HE IS ON OR WAS ON. WOMEN BEWARE OF THIS PERSON!!!

Country: USA   State: All USA

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