ERI/SET, Advanced Career Technologies Etc.

As a former employee of Advanced Career Technologies aka: ITS, Americas Job Network, Mckenzie Scott I would like to plead with any and all prospective clients or employees to reconsider doing business with them or any other name they decide to change the company to in the future. Having been behind the scenes I saw first hand the way they do business. Having potential employees take money out of their own pocket to start working with an extremely high turnover rate to never be reimbursed is very unethical in my eyes. But that's just where it starts. Clients pay out hundreds if not thousands of dollars of money they in many cases cannot afford in the hopes this company will find them a new position. This doesn't happen for most clients. They end up in the same place they started in: Unemployed. The only difference being now they are in a very hard financial situation usually due to depleting savings, assets 401k's and credit cards to pay for this service. Within the recruiting department There are unethical practices in place such as discrimination and asking questions to prospective employees that are illegal. I was told when being hired as a recruiter that the sales force was given "hot leads". This was supposedly people that had responded to an ad for the service and had filled out a questionnaire to see if they were a good fit for the service. Sounds great right? Come to find out they own over 200 domains and websites that advertise job postings related to all industries and job functions. These "hot leads" are people who believe they have applied for a job, not applied for a job placement service. The owner and his son both have a convincing story as to why the company has changed it's name due to a consultant telling them it was better to consolidate to make the services easier to understand for clients. But every time new complaints arise online and in the media the company changes it's name and corporate name. I beg of you to do your research as not all companies of this type are scams but i can tell you from first hand experience this company has no ethics from the ground up and still to this day operates illegally when it comes to hiring practices.

Country: USA   State: Massachusetts   City: Boston   Zip: 02114
Address: 225 Friend St
Phone: 8004382772,6173678400

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