(UK) and Advmetabill (USA)

I purchased a trial of the above products and used my mastercard. A week after receiving the trial I started to notice $92.62 being debited via direct debit on the 19 October ( USA) and again on 21 October for $75.23 (advmetabill - UK and again on the 2 November for $94.45 (supslim USA) and again on the 7 November for $78.22 (advmetabill - UK). All these came with a foreign Transaction fee attached. I notified the bank and they told me there is not much they can do while the fraude investigation might take up to 90 days to get some result. I cannot believe banks do not have procedures in place to protect their clients against these fraudulant transactions. In the meantime while they take all our money and we suffer the inconvenience of having to close accounts and redirect all our payments and direct debits to make sure all other bills get paid.

I have tried to contact Superslim but all I could find was the Australian Superslim site and they were very helpfull and I want to inform people its is not the Australian Superslim company that is at work here, they are legite and have tried to help me.

I noticed on the boxes some phone numbers and tried to contact them in the US, UK, Australia and NZ but all the numbers are fake and have atleast 3 digits too many. I cannot track them down via email either.

It is very frustrating and it enfuriates me to see how many people they have tricked with this. I would like some action to be taken but am not sure where to turn to. Its nearly christmas and of course my kids will be suffering the consequences during christmas.

Please people be aware and do not fall for these scams as there is nowhere on the ordersite that states that your credit card will be charged after you order the trial.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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