Consumer Credit Group LLC

A Salesman at Consumer Credit Group LLC Contacted me at least 10 times in May of 2011 explaining their services and how they can save me money. We talked about this in detail and convinced me and my Wife that I will save money. The rates have been increasing continuously and I was finding it hard to pay the bills. They said if they cannot get the rates reduced then they will give our money back. They promised to contact my credit card companies and negotiate lower rates for the purpose of saving me money and paying off my debt at a faster rate. They promised to save a of minimum $8.000 within a short period of time which was not explained how long. I paid them a fee of $995.00 on one a credit card. I was told if they cannot save me at least $8.000 then I would be untitled to get my money back. I went to a web site to sign in and get a password to place all the information about my credit cards which were about 10 creditors in the amount of $36,000. It was a couple of weeks later I received Welcome package and a pamphlet teaching me how to pay my bills and how to make double and triple payments at a time to save money. I don't think so...We all know if you pay more on a payment your going to save money. If I could afford to make those kinds of payments I would be in good shape and would not need them. They gave me numbers to reach the negotiators to follow up on the progress of lowering the rates. A month or so went by and I contacted and they have not done a thing and explained that they will soon start the process. They told me to call back in a couple of weeks. I called back and they said they were unable to negotiate any rates that if I wanted them to they will go in for another round and try again. I of course told them yes, I called them back in September 1, and they did not return my call for several days. They told me at that time they were unable to negotiate any rates accept one on a card that I owed the least $2,000 and they got the rate down not even 1%. They then proceeded to tell me that at least four of my cards were considered at their best rate and anyone who has credit on this card gets this rate and may not be able to negotiate with them any further, and 2 others were considered at the lowest rate they will go. I cannot understand why they would sell me a service promising me to lower rates and knowing they cannot do anything with them. I have Lymphoma Cancer and find it hard to run my business which is which is not doing well now. My wife is sick and she has a hard time helping at this time. We felt this would be God Sent to have some help with my debts. I called them on September 12, 2011 and told them that if they cannot save me the promised money or lower my rates then I want my money back as promised by the salesman who sold this service to me.
His name is Michael Coimbre 1-877-506-4908 X 1008. When I tried to reach him he would not return my call. The company said that they will not give me my money back. They are not trying to do anything for me. I feel the solution to this would be to get my money back. I feel this company is a fraud. My wife is in real estate and she helps her clients try to straighten their credit out by paying more than the minimum payments. I am aware how to pay my bills and have good credit. I trusted this company was going to save me money and I was willing to pay almost $1,000 for their services if they could help. They should be put out of business. This company is fraudulently making statements and promises that they cannot keep. They are taking peoples money (large fees) and not giving anything in return. I want my money back....I feel that would be the solution to this problem. They waisted enough of my time. They also stalled and waited until I could not let my credit card company investigates this claim. The credit card company said it has to be within 60 days of the purchase before they could help. Please help...Thank you so much.

Anthony Wolf

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Largo   Zip: 33771-5319
Address: 2300 Tall Pines Dr , Ste 125
Phone: 8887077117,888363870750

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