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This company had a 14 day free trial to pay shipping costs only, with a reoccurring automatic shipment plan. I was not made aware that I was going to be auto billed for that original shipment in the amount of $98.16 after my trial date. It was made to sound like that would be the monthly charge for the following shipments if the account was not cancelled during the trial. Even when I tried to cancel my account 3 days prior to my trial ending, I was given such a run around that made it over a 30 min phone call. I was offered to cancel my account but only given discounted rates at which my original shipment would be billed for. I repeatedly told them that I wanted to return my product at no cost and was put on hold for the sales person to talk to a manager. Each time she came back on the phone I was given a cheaper rate at which I could expect to be billed, all while explaining to me they wanted to save me the money of going to the post office to return the product. After 4 attempts to make it clear that I did not find their product even worth the $29.41 it was now down to, I was finally given the offer to return the product. HOWEVER, I will still be billed the $98.16 and will have to wait 10 business days after it is received to get a refund (which I am doubtful will be that easy). I feel this company is out to deceive people, that they do not have enough confidence in their product alone. Had I not been overly persistent and threaten to share my poor experience I believe I would not have even been successful in getting the company to allow a return of the product.

Country: USA   State: California   Zip: 90066
Address: 12228 Venice Blvd.
Phone: 8008952698

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