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Jesse Dean wrote:

> Hello,
> I the buyer, Jesse Dean, am cancelling my agreement with
> Please email and confirm the termination of my account/registration and any or like subscriptions to xxxCupid.
> Please insure that after termination of my account that no more emails be sent to this email address.
> thank you
> kindest regards
> Jesse Dean

*then they tried to charge me again. sent there billing service a message saying that i cancelled and i kind of threatened them by say i would go to a TV show like 60 minuets. they said that they have not charged me but the previous message said that they had.

if you want, you can keep half of the money they took from me, i dont care, i just dont want them to get away with it if they did. i had a read abou t these guys and they do it all the time.

Country: USA   State: New York   City: New York   Zip: 10003
Address: 740 Broadway , Suite 202
Phone: 2129796700x222,2127024500,2125399825

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