My story matches that of many others on this site. I've been asked to give similar info to other internet companies (i.e. Ebay) but never was charged anything until/ unless I actually bought something. Wish I had read the warnings here FIRST! I was too trusting and gullible, went to "take a look", and then after it was too late read this site. I tried to stop the payment with my credit card, but in only a matter of minutes, Bidrack had charged the $99. I went through the complaint process with Bidrack and was told they have a clear, firm no-refund policy. Of course they do. No one would want to play their game if they didn't. I even challenged the person who did the initial screening for my complaint to show me where on the home page there was any warning that this charge would take place. Even SHE couldn't find it for me. My credit card company is going through the contesting process now, but I suspect I'll have the same results everyone else here has mentioned. Oh, and by the way. Bidrack felt so bad about my "unhappy" experience they have continually dropped more "bids" into the account I will never use. A lot of good that does. You bet your booties, I'll be reporting my ugly experience to the Better Business Bureau.

Country: USA   State: Delaware   City: Wilmington   Zip: 19808
Address: 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400
Phone: 8002386195

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