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I received a call from a person claiming they were with the Government Grant Office. They said I had been given a grant worth $5000.00, and I could receive it anyway I choose. This has happened twice to me. Each time they gave me a code, which I was to use when I called the number they provided. The first call was to a manager by the name Celyn Green the number was 646-657-1415, the second time which happened today the manager's name was Catherine Johnson her number was 347-501-4634. These calls were the same as they both required me to pay $190.00, yet the initial call that I got the individual on the phone stated I did not have to pay any fees or taxes on the money. I learned in the initial attempt to receive this grant I paid the $190 and they had me send the money to New Delhi, INDIA, after that had been done they claimed the money transfer was in process to my account, after a few hours, by which time I got concerned. I got a call from them and they claimed that I had to pay taxes $450.00, before the transfer could be released into my account. After a few moments of complaining I was turned over to a person representing the IRS. His name was John Spencer his phone number was 202-621-0277. Now I am really concerned because he has a Washington,D.C. number. I however, argued with him over the issue and he stated that he would get back to me. I have not heard from him since that time. The call I got today was pretty much the same but I was not going to send the same $190.00 as I had before. This time I knew how to handle them and when I knew things about what was about to take place they hung up the phone and now when I call the number they refuse to answer. Majic is the service provider of phone numbers used by these people.

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: West Palm Beach   Zip: 33405
Address: 5700 Georgia Avenue
Phone: 8882300060,5615942140,5615863380,5615942140,5615949925

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