Acquafix Business Solutions, Inc. Scam!! Warning!! Beware!!

Acquafix Business Solutions, Inc., 508 78th St., Brooklyn, NY 11209 718-238-4173 (p) 888-835-6719 (f). Owners/Partners:
Al Harper, John D Lewis, Luis Sevilla. BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE!!! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!!
My name is Frank and I became aware of this company approximately 3 months ago. I was invited by Luis Sevilla, whom I've known for approximately 20 years, to work as a Sales Manager for Acquafix Business Solutions, Inc., hereafter known as, the ("Company"). I attended the training sessions, and was offered a SALARIED position, (which I've never received. They couldn't afford to pay me or the other Sales Managers) and I began working, full steam ahead. Here are some of the problems and reasons why I am no longer working with the Company:

This Company has NO MONEY, NO PROVEN PERFORMING CONTACTS and have unscrupulous business tactics, which i have witnessed first hand. The design of the Company is initially featured around credit repair. That's the lure! They really don't care about the credit repair, because they don't make much money, if any from it. The objective is to get your credit repaired, so you can graduate into the next "phase", which is Corporate Funding. They claim to have brokers they have worked with who can get you 500k in the form of credit cards and lines of credit. It's all lies!! They have not gotten anyone funding to date, INCLUDING FOR THEMSELVES. This is why they have NO MONEY and couldn't pay the Sales Managers. They became operational, obtained office space, "hired" staff and presumed their funding would be approved. They have been unsuccessful in making that happen, thus far. The "brokers" they use were found on Craigslist. They have never met any of these brokers in person, nor have these brokers proven their ability to deliver their services. This Company has yet to close a transaction.

The last phase is investing with A-Unitary. They will tell you that it's a separate company, which will invest a portion of the funding you receive, to ensure you won't default on your loan payment, while making a small profit from the investment. They will also tell you about a "Wall Street" guy named Mike who invests the money for you and guarantees a minimum 5% return on your money. They will say they aren't affiliated with A-Unitary because they know it's ILLEGAL for them to obtain funding for you, charge a commission, invest the money and charge another commission. It's a conflict of interest. Aside from that, they have no license to invest or trade anything. Al came to me and asked me for my contacts in the investment industry to help with the investments. (There is no "Wall Street" guy. A-Unitary and Acquafix Business Solutions, Inc. are one in the same. Just not on paper. Again, BEWARE!!!

The Characters/Partners:

AL HARPER (Personal Info Removed): He is an articulate, seemingly approachable and trusting person. DON'T BE FOOLED! BEWAREEEE! Al's constant inside joke is, "I won't commit a felony, maybe a misdemeanor, but not a felony!" He has said he will do things that are perhaps unethical, but nothing to where he can potentially receive jail time. This is so not true!! During my time with the Company, he managed to swindle 13 thousand dollars from someone who purchased a corporation, with the intention of receiving "Corporate Funding". 3 months later, this client has yet to receive ANY paperwork stating a corporation was purchased or that she actually owns it, never-mind receiving any form of NO-PG funding. NEVER, EVER GIVE HIM OR THIS COMPANY A RED CENT! HE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DELIVER!!! He will suggest for you to charge their services on a credit card and if you aren't satisfied with their services you can call the credit card company and have the expenses charged back. This is supposed to be your security blanket. This IS the hassle you will endure, as others currently are.

JOHN D. LEWIS (Personal Info Removed): This guy is a piece of work. Al will tell you about the "in house attorney", who handles all of their contracts and legal work and is a partner with the Company. He conveniently neglects to mention that John is allegedly a CRIMINAL, who was arrested in 2007 for a real estate scheme. His isn't supposed be practicing law LEGALLY, being that his license has been revoked or suspended years ago, due to alleged fraudulent activity. You can read all about it here: or you can Google "John D. Lewis, 26 Court Street, Arrest. DA Richard Brown." All the information you need will pop up on John.

LUIS SEVILLA (Personal Info Removed): Luis is the guy you will hardly speak to. If you do run into him, don't ask him any questions, because he NEVER has an answer. I've known Luis for 20 solid years. He WAS one of my closest friends and is no longer because his affiliation, knowledge and participation with the Company. He knew what they were about prior to inviting me down to work with them and he was not forth coming, regarding many of the issues and negative practices of this Company.


For any prospective clients, who may be on the fence of doing business with Acquafix, simply ask them these questions and you will see what I am saying is the truth. If you need any more PROOF, please feel free to contact me at I will email you scanned images of bounced checks, emails with them admitting to monies being owed and conversations confirming the above allegations.

Here are the questions to ask Acquafix to DISPROVE what I've blogged аbout:

1. Ask them if Acquafix Business Solutions, Inc. has gotten funding for anyone, including themselves.

(They will say yes).

Ask them to speak with a client who has been funded by them. Also ask Acquafix to see their Corporate Docs with the corporate seal with the new owner's name on it. The Corporate Resolution Doc and the certificate of good standing docs. They should have these documents readily available. Anyone who purchases a legitimate corp will have these documents within 2 weeks MAX of purchase! If they can not or will provide these documents, which is public record, you know they are are lying.

2. Ask them if A-unitary is affiliated with Acquafix Business Solutions. (They will say NO!)

Ask them for A-unitary's contact information and location. They should have no problem with providing this info, considering they have given you the company's name. The should be able to also give their number and location. They won't be able to provide it, as this IS the same company. They will deny it, because they DO NOT have a license to trade or invest money. They can not LEGALLY obtain funding, charge a commission, turn around and invest the monies and charge another commission.

3. Ask them if John Lewis is a partner with the firm and if he has ever been arrested for a real estate scheme. Also, inquire if the case is still open .. which it is! See the link pertaining to this case above.

4. Ask them for an example of someone's credit profile they have repaired. They say they can repair credit in 45 to 90 days .. NOT TRUE!!! They also say they have "contacts" in all 3 bureaus and do not have to write letters like everyone else. NOT TRUE!! They will say that they can not do this because the client's information is sensitive. They can sanitize a copy of the client's personal information. They just need to show you the enhanced credit score and time frae. They won't be able to!

Please!! Feel free to contact me and I will be more than to call you and answer any questions you may have about these scam artists.

Frank J.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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