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Almost all the new shows are bad - Restaurant

I miss all those old Disney shows, unfortunately I only spent a little bit of my hold good being able to watch those. Now I have more access to Disney Channel , but so many of the shows are horrible! PLEASE MAKE IT LIKE IT WAS! The acting in a lot of shows now are horrible-- it just doesn't feel real... I'm not sure how to explain it. Like Crash and Bernstein or dog with a blog... A lot of the actors just don't have to special thing that used to make the shows so good. A lot of old shows like wizards of waverly place were amazing, and the acting was fenomenal. I was devastated when to old shows started disapeering. Now the only shows I find interest in that arent gone yet are good luck Charlie (I wish it could stay longer), gravity falls, and lab rats. Once good luck Charlie ends, I honestly will almost never watch Disney anymore. By the way, I hate when a show try's to be cool. Like mustaches or bras, really, it's just annoying cus the producers or whatever what kids to be more interested in. It really shows. And don't over 'joke' or whatever. It gets too annoying. Just see what the old episodes did, and just do that. Just please change!

Offender: Disney Channel
Country: USA   State: All USA

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