One of the worst customer service ever ,harassment from billing department - TV's

I have to say this is the second time I purchase something from conns and this will be the last time . I just bought a house and I wanted to exchange all my kitchen appliances and because I bought and fully paid a sofa in less than a year Conns send me a letter saying that I was already qualify to do a purchase up to 3 thousand in 3 years with no interest but when I got there I got a sales man that was clearly in need of help, very confused and asking question to his co-workers that also did not want to help at all . No need to say that was mishandling the whole thing and I end up not buying anything .
Than a couple days after a manager call me and apologize for my bad experience and said that he would make sure that the next transaction would be smooth . So I went back there but just wanted to buy one tv and I did the salesman was very unpleasant and trying his best to oversell and add things that I did not wanted so by the end he was impatience and annoyed with me .
Ever since is just one problem after another .
My first payment came due and the same day the billing department was already calling me and requesting for my payment .
And as I did a electronic payment 2 days prior they didn't received the payment yet and was already calling and questioning me about it .
Now the second payment was schedule for this last Saturday ( 11/18/12 ) and again I send the payment electronic past Thursday (and was out of my account on Friday ) but on Sunday the day a after the due date the billing department was calling me again requesting the payment and clearly state that if I don't want to do business if them anymore is up to me but they would continue the calls and requesting payments till was done .
Now usually companies can't even report on credit buries if the account is not late more than 15 days and is a pretty standers rule of 10 days grace period just in case payments falls into non business days or a late delivery from post office, but not with Conns that states that will gives us the credit that we deserve .
I usually pay extra because that is just how I am . Now I will definitely process my electronic payments much sooner for next time to avoid more harassment from this people again and it will be paid in full in less than 6 months but for sure I will never , ever , ever do business with Conns anymore .
I have never being more insulted and had such a horrible experience in my life with any other company .
Tax time is coming and I will be switching all my appliances from my kitchen and electronics too but this Conns will never get my business again .

Offender: Conn's
Country: USA   State: All USA

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