Target: Improperly trained Loss Prevention Clerk

Just imagine for me a minute: You're a young boy wanting to see the new toy offerings primarily Legos Target has to offer since you're planning to put your Christmas Wishlist together. And, perhaps your mother will buy you a little something while she picks up some other needed items for the household. The only problem is you (the young boy) are having an arthritic flare up, and your ankle is a bit too painful to walk on. So, your mother suggests utilizing one of the four available scooters Target has at the door to make your shopping easier.

That is how my family began our visit to your Target location 2801 W Market Street, Fairlawn, OH 44333 yesterday, November 3, 2012. It began quite happily, but ended with me leaving all my potential purchases on the check out belt (toys included), complaining to "D.J.,' your less than interested store manager, then leaving your store. I will never shop there again. Why? Some (piss ant) so-called loss prevention person using a hostile tone accused my son of turning donuts in that chair! He (my son) had rolled on ahead of me (still within my eyesight) while I made a few more selections, then I see this strange looking individual dressed like a roll of Life Savers talking to him with an unfriendly look on his face. He asked my son (who now is shaken and stunned) if he needed the chair, and to TAKE IT BACK TO THE FRONT OF THE STORE! After I inquired why he was talking to him, he (the LP person) again asked if ME if he needed the chair. I told him yes, but he then claimed 'several customers had complained about him spinning around in the aisles'. I ask you (and told him), how the heck is he supposed to turn the chair around to go in the opposite direction (which is what he did WHILE I WATCHED)? That LP, again, told ME!!! to 'TAKE THE CHAIR BACK TO THE FRONT OF THE STORE!' SERIOUSLY!!!???? Needless to say, I was LIVID, and I still am. This guy couldn't have been older than 22 years, and looked to be under the influence of some illicit drug (red eyes AND red around his eyelids). I would suggest a different approach when training these folks in dealing with CUSTOMERS WITH CHILDREN.

Imagine trying to console a child who is now DISTRAUGHT and embarrassed about something he DID NOT do wrong. That's what I spent the evening dealing with.

I used to do most of my holiday shopping at Target for toys, clothes, and household items (year 'round). Never again.


Unsatisfied Former Target Shoppe

Country: USA   State: All USA

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