Arby's Roast Beef Restaurant

This review is in regards to another user on here who submitted the same exact thing. One of your restaurants in southern New Jersey is unorthodox and a mess! The general manager only caters to one specific shift manager who gets nothing accomplished! I myself am a shift manager and I get no praise or glory like her. She brags about how she passed none of the SMTP tests and she has taken the serv safe 4 times and failed it! Why is it fair that I sat through a 6 hour class and studied for all my tests when apparently it wasn't even necessary?! Besides that I work hard for the store and always try my best but the other user on here and myself get failed closings but she gets "A" closings? Numerous team members have approached me and said they prefer to work with me because she doesn't do anything to help them; she stays in the back office on her cell phone while there is one person on backline and one running both front and drive thru during a dinner rush? That just isn't fair to them! Not to mention she has to take another team member in the freezer with her to complete her inventory counts, really!? Then the gm does nothing, just praises her and glorifies her! So many personal conflicts between management and team members have been started because of them two, like I said its just ludacrous. Nothing gets accomplished, customers always complain, employees always complain, employees get "pencil whipped" on their evals, and there is a vast amount of favoritism. I suggest something be done, asap.

Offender: Arby's Roast Beef Restaurant
Country: USA   State: All USA

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