Fedex is no longer reliable

Since approx. 2 years ago, Fedex reliability has become so terrible that it's an embarrassment. They need to get knocked off the pedestal they no longer deserve and need to clean up their act. Several vendors I know have stopped using them as a shipper because they have become so unreliable. The usps courier services are now far more reliable now and I avoid Fedex whenever possible when ordering online. If every vendor offered other options, I would never use Fedex any more. I am stunned if a package arrives on time and you are lucky if they arrive on time 50% of the time.....which is shameful. They need to do some investigating of their management and clean up their act.....or they are gonna lose their corner on the courier services market soon.....and they richly deserve this. I see it happening already. Approx. 70% of the vendors I deal with are no longer using Fedex and I hope to convince the remaining 30% to do the same. And I'm not just miffed over one incident. This has been going on for at least two years and there have been multiple incidents. And when you call, they come up with every excuse in the book.....bad weather (when none exists at that location), plane malfunction, mis-routed, name it. And you get a different excuse each time you call. Don't even bother to call anymore....just a huge exercise in futility.
They need to clean up their act or they need to be put out of business.

Offender: FedEx
Country: USA   State: All USA

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