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I received a call from AT&T making me aware UVerse was available in my area and offering an upgrade I live in a condo/loft building. I make an appointment (take off work 1/2 day) for installation. Tech comes after 6pm installs equipment but tells me he needs to have something turned on at office which is now closed. Next day cant turn it on no internet. Next day says problem is in my bldg not my unit, but calls me instead of bldg mgr as instructed, I'm at work in mtng so I dont answer, they cancel dont come. Next day tech calls bldg mgr, still cant get uverse to work I pay a charge for bldg mgr to come out let them in, says its in my unit wiring (keep in mind internet I had worked just fine for 3 years). They say they need in my unit but refuse to give me an appt for after 5pm - I say I cant take off again, just cancel uverse. I return the modem via their label to the post office (have receipt of return)

to shorten (because the madness of this went thru dozens of phone calls and communications) 2 months later I get a GIANT bill for uverse service & installation that I dont have and they could never get to work. I call them, they acknowledge its an error give me a case number.

2 months later a collection agency calls me - I call AT&T they say they cant locate the modem. That even though I have proof of return, they cant stop the collection process and remove. So I'm in collections for a service I've never had, that they couldnt get to work, and that I've never used. (Called an att orney)

Looking for others who have been wrongfully sent to collections by AT&T or had their credit rating affected to file a class action suit against them

Offender: att
Country: USA   State: All USA

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