Chili's Restaurant
Order lite and you'll starve - 2 for $20 steak meal done "lite"

We've been to Chili's lots of times and have come to trust the food. However, lately, I have been trying to cut back on calories and started to order the "lighter" choices. I usually order the 6 oz steak, and I chose the lighter version (same steak, prepared I have no idea how differently, with broccoli - no bread or potato). At first, it was a nice plate, although a small steak and some broccoli doesn't seem really reasonable for the price. But the last time, I ordered the steak with mushrooms instead of broccoli. When it came, I saw a teeny tiny cup on a plate. I asked where the steak was and she turned the plate around to show me. It was so small that it actually was able to hide behind the teeny tiny cup of greasy mushrooms! Now filet Mignon can be small, but they are thick. This little piece of shoe leather was maybe 1/4 inch thick, and it was 1/3 fat I had to discard. I called the manager over, and I told him that no way on God's green earth was this a 6 oz steak. I know my steaks! And by the looks of him (forgive me), he would too. He asked if he could replace it, I said no, don't bother, so he said he would reimburse my portion. When I got the bill, he took $4.50 off the bill! So that's how much the steak was worth??? So I paid more for the greasy pit of mushrooms I could not eat!!! I should've gotten something else and took it home. Now fine, I don't have to go back there, and I will not, but when I wrote Chili's to complain about this fine menu item, they didn't even bother to respond. And that's the worst of it. It's one thing when you see a restaurant begin to take a nose dive - it's another when you find out it's thanks to the management that it is!!!! So, no more Chili's, and do not order off of the Lighter menu if you want your money's worth!

Offender: Chili's Restaurant
Country: USA   State: All USA

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