CertaPro Painters- WORST EVER!

Horrible experience with this company- would not recommend! Save your money and do it yourself! You will do a better job- trust me! They didn't really scrape or sand, as they indicated they would, just rushed to throw up new paint. They struggled, repeatedly, to correct issues- to the point where we decided we'd just cut our losses and accept that "their best" and "the best" are just not in the same category. They oversprayed onto lines coming into the house and the foundation and didn't correct it. They spilled paint on our driveway and didn't clean it up. They left paint chips EVERYWHERE- and we indicated we have young children that play in the yard! They overpainted on the windows and got paint on our screens and didn't bother to correct that either, though they offered up suggestions of how we could do it ourselves. They painted one door the wrong color and then argued about the need to paint the exterior door to the basement the door color, due to their screw up on the other door to our shed. Multiple calls to the office and multiple complaints yielded little to any response and no real offers to repair or discount the product. Please learn from our mistake, go with another company or just do it yourself- they will do as good a job as you would yourself and it will cost a lot less in money, time and frustration.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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