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Extremely poor online ordering experience

A high end GE dishwasher I bought back online January 11th, 2012, has never been delivered with almost no follow up from Best Buy ordering, customer service, nor their corporate office. An excerpt of one of the correspondences I sent (and received no reply) is below. The experience has been poor on every level, not to mention I still have no dishwasher nor the almost $1000.00 I spent on said dishwasher.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to inform you of a truly awful customer experience I am having in trying to acquire a dishwasher I purchased online back on January 11, 2012. The online purchase went apparently smoothly, but the day before delivery I got a call from the delivery department letting me know that delivery would not be happening because they didn't know where my appliance was. They suggested calling elsewhere in Best Buy to find out what happened because from their view, the order was never "transferred". I did as directed and found out that no one really could tell what had happened. That supposedly some system showed the Dallas (where I live) warehouse had my dishwasher, but after a few calls the CSR determined that was not the case. The original delivery for sometime in late Jan was rescheduled for Feb. 8. From that time until Feb. 8 I heard nothing from Best Buy. Late in the day (around 4:30 or so) on Feb 8, I called back into Best Buy to find out the delivery status. I was able to access my order online and relay the order information to both the IVR and CSR because apparently the CSR does not receive the information taken via IVR. Again, there was confusion as to what had happened to my order. The CSR handled the call graciously, but it was immediately apparent that she had no access to the actual status of my order. She had to inquire to her supervisor and make several phone calls to other departments, I remember one was the research department, to find out exactly what was going on, why there was no imminent delivery, why I had not been contacted about this failure, yet again. Needless to say this was very frustrating, but after well over 40 minutes on the phone with her and a lot of persistence, she got an answer that the manufacturer (GE) had not yet sent the dishwasher. From that point on, all she could do was try to reschedule for Feb. 21. Keep in mind, at this point, Best Buy has had my $974.24 for almost a month now with no dishwasher delivered and a lot of apparently broken process that we are all having to suffer through. You can imagine my frustration. Also keep in mind I am having to coordinate with a plumber for installation. So I am twice now having to reschedule a plumber. This is not good.
Today is Feb 20. I have heard nothing from Best Buy confirming a delivery for the promised date of Feb. 21. I went online today to get my order information so that I could PROACTIVELY call in to see if my dishwasher is being delivered and a window as to when. To my surprise, my order has now disappeared from the order status portal altogether. So, as I am today calling into Best Buy to get help, and as I get to the Order Status section of the IVR it hangs up on me when I don't input an order number (I don't have my order number because the portal is no longer showing my order information). Then when I call back in, and select the option to go to someone to direct my call, a very gracious CSR directs me to Online Orders with Delivery, no Installation. I get greeted by a recording that tells me that due to high call volumes I should call back later, and it hangs up on me. Honestly... I have a hard time remembering a worse customer experience than what is currently happening via your processes and systems. Still keep in mind, Best Buy has almost $1000.00 of my money, and I am having to waste many hours navigating your broken processes and systems... and I say waste because nothing has been fixed, and I certainly still lack a dishwasher, and I have to now figure out how to work around my work schedule to deal with this extreme inconvenience, maybe reschedule a plumber... this is really a poor showing.

I buy from Best Buy because I have believed you are a 1st class operation with the professionalism and market leadership to provide good products and services. I sincerely hope my recent experience to the contrary is an aberration.

Please advise as to how I might proceed in either acquiring my dishwasher or my money. If possible, I would also like to understand as to why since the 1st call from your Dallas delivery department, I have not once received a proactive communication as to status or changes. Thank you for your attention.
Carrie Haden

Offender: Best Buy
Country: USA   State: All USA

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