Stonebridge Life Insurance

this has undoubtedly been the worst experience of my life . stonebridge insurance has thee , THEE , THEE worst customer service as far as functionality goes, as far a customer service goes, and RESPECT or the customers always right??? forget about that. i spend approx. 5 weeks trying to get them to pay a $35.oo fee i was charged due to THEIR own error, which was , i asked them to start billing me on the 1st of each month instead of in the middle of the month. Did they comply? NO. So, i waited until the 2nd month of it occuring , so as not to jump the gun, reasoning this by assuming that it may take a month to 'get in the system' or whatever. Anyways, because they still billed me on the 16th , i didnt happen to have money in my account on that day, so i was charged a fee$35.00. and then 5 days later an additional 35 BECAUSE STONEBRIDGE STILL HAD NOT REIMBURSED THE 1ST FEE. so i have spent the last month going to the bank of america 5 times to send a total of 20 pages , because they had me fax AND REFAX THE SAME THING THREE TIMES,a copy of my bank statement showing the fee, then the extended fee5 days later. SCREW STONEBRIDGE THIS WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY 30S. I was literally in tears the first half of the day today because of what these people have put me through, thenn on top of this being HUNG UP ON BY A REPRESENTATIVE OF AFRICAN AMERICAN(im not 0 certain he was africanamerican, but he did sound like he was) DESCENT NAMED MARC, AND, AND, BY A WOMan named 'ASIA LING', I believe, First name was 'asia' im 0 certain, but not the last name. Anyways i was hung up on by these two, plus another 2 , TWO, OTHER WOMEN WHOSE NAME I DIDNT GET. THIS IS OVER A MONTH LONG SPAN OF CALLING AND CALLING, TRYING TO GET THESE PEOPLE TO GET THEIR HEAD OUT OF THEIR BUTTHOLES AND WAKE UP AND REALIZE THAT THERE IS A CUSTOMER WHO IS BEING SHAFTED UNPEAKABLY BY YOUR COMPANY, EMPLOYEES, AND STUPIDITY A AND INEPTITUDE TOWARD PERFORMING THE JOB FUNCTION OF BILLING DEPARTMENT, OR INSURANCE REPRESENTATIVE.THE ONLY REASON IM NOT CANCELLING(SOON) IS BECAUSE IM GETTING SOME SURGERY NEXT MONTH WHERE I WILL BE GOING UNDER GENERAL ANASTESTESIA

Offender: Stonebridge Life Insurance
Country: USA   State: All USA

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