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Small-Business Success!

This is a Pest-Control company, just for the record (I couldn't find "pest control" under the Category options!). I've been meaning to write a review for a long time, but just didn't get around to it...sometimes I feel bad because it seems like people (me included) are always more motivated to write reviews when they've had a BAD experience, and I'm trying to mend that... Columbia Pest Control deserves this review hands down!
Months ago the home we are renting had a very bad problem with ants...The home owner called in his 'usual guy' to handle it. Three visits later (in which he did nothing but walk around the inside of the house and spray along the baseboard) the ants were still going strong, and had since infiltrated our pantry...I keep all our sweet or opened food in sealed storage containers, but our boxes of cereal, potatoes, rice, etc - it was all infested, all of it ruined! So, again, I told the owner. Finally, he got a clue and tried a different company. This time he went with the opposite of a one-man operation, like the first guy. He called Terminex. This company showed up at the wrong time, and the guy who showed up had NONE of the extensive notes that the owner had dictated to one of the "customer service" individuals who'd answered his call. So, the guy that showed up planned to just spray - the exact same thing that had been done three times in the last two months, already! Note: we have a toddler and dog - that much spraying of pesticides is NOT okay!!
So, again, Terminex was "fired" and the owner said to give him a few days to research and find another (and hopefully more professional) company.
Third times a charm! He found Columbia Pest Control; let me tell you, this was the opposite of BOTH of the two previous companies! This was a small, but successful business: the owner himself (I believe) is one of the two who showed up. He was incredibly knowledgeable. He clearly knew what he was talking about, and gave me a run down on ants - how they laid trails of pheromones when they walked, and that those pheromones couldn't be washed, scraped or painted away! That other ants would then be able to follow those trails. He was friendly and professional, and when he and his employee (who was also very nice and professional) got to work, they didn't just splash some chemical around, either!
They checked out the attic, the walls, and even went down into the crawlspace beneath the house! They "dusted" in both the attic and crawlspace, then set traps of poison around the sinks and in corners. They went around the entire outside of the house and drilled tiny holes into the siding at 3 or 4 foot intervals, both at the bottom and halfway up each wall, then used a tiny tube to spray the pesticide INTO THE WALL! Now, this makes perfect sense to me; that is, after all, where the majority of the ants are crawling on in. So why was this the first company to perform this procedure, out of three supposed "pest control" companies?
I can't answer that. But I can say with certainty that Columbia Pest Control is a sure bet, both in efficiency and cost-wise. They were respectful, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient, as well as patient and understanding. I'll never hesitate to reccomend them to a home-owner, and when I own my own property, I won't waste any of my time calling anyone else! Thanks Columbia Pest Control! Jessica

Offender: Columbia Pest Control
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