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Kays Jewelry review - repair of ring

My husband gave me a gorgeous 2 ct. diamond anniversary ring 11 years ago. I loved that ring!!! In March 2011 I hit my hand on the wall while I was making up the bed and I looked at my ring and noticed that one of the diamonds had fallen out. Even though the ring was not purchased at Kay Jewelers I took it there to be repaired. The girl helping me asked me how much the ring was worth. I told her I had no idea. She asked how much I paid for it. I said I don't know, my husband bought it and never told me how much he gave for it. She said if you had to guess what would you guess he paid for it. I was like I don't know $2000? I had no idea. She never informed me why she needed to know. She wrote $2000 on the ticket and had me sign it. Two weeks later it was ready and I picked it up. About four weeks after that, I was driving one day and looked down at my hand and the diamond was gone again. I took it back to Kays and the guy told me that they should have informed me that the prongs needed to be re-tipped. I told him to do what needed to be done to fix it so it didn't happen again. He said it would take three weeks. Three weeks go by and I receive a call from them telling me that my ring had been stolen!!!! They said that I needed to come into the store and pick out something for $2000!!!! Excuse me!!!! This is my wedding ring!!!!!!!! The manager told me I did not have to get a ring, I could get earrings or a necklace!!!! Am I the only one that my WEDDING RING means something to me?!!!!!! I went back to the store that my husband bought the ring from and asked how much it would cost to have that ring remade. He told me $4000. Kay Jewelers told me that all they could do was let me pick something for $2000 since that is what I had stated that it was worth!!!!!!! They have been nothing but rude and uncaring!!!!!!!!!! They could care less that they lost/stole my wedding ring that I have had for 11 years!!!!!!!!! I just want to warn everyone out there DO NOT DO ANY KIND OF BUSINESS WITH KAY JEWELERS!!!!!!!!! I talked to another jewelers and he told me that this has happened to Kay's many times!!! He said that they are going to profit off of my loss. Since they want me to choose something that retails for $2000 but is probably worth maybe $1000!!!!!!!!!! I don't want any piece of jewelry that store has!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so heartbroken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Offender: Kay Jewelers
Country: USA   State: All USA

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