Walmart store review

I have made one of my many errors again...I gave my doctor Walmart for my prescriptions. Without going into what type of medicine it is, I am stuck with Walmart because I could only change my selection once.
Now,. it was 2 days ago (4-6-11) that my medicine was called (directly) in to and after delaying my shopping trip there for over 2 hours (giving them time to fill my prescriptions), I went to the pharmacy to pick them up. I was told, by the very unfriendly associate, that they weren't done yet. I asked if I spent a little more time (up to 30 minutes) picking up what I came there for, would that be enough time. She said it should be. I went about my shopping business and returned to the pharmacy about 20-25 minutes later. Stood in line (mind you, standing is always difficult for me because I have 2 bad..VERY bad knees)got up to the same associate I had previously. I asked if my scripts were done yet, she tapped away on the screen of the computer like they always do, and then said "Oh, we don't have one of the medicines..." Nothing else..gave me the one that I did NOT need yet and when i asked when it was going to be there, she just blurted out, Oh, should be Friday after 5..Uh, i said, this is the medicine I needed right then and she barely looked at me and looked up for the next person in line. It is now Friday (4-8-11) and I called about 1 pm, thinking, maybe I would be lucky enough where they would get the medicine and just fill it..The associate on the other end just said No, not here..I asked when, and she said, oh, should be delivered this afternoon sometime..I then asked if I would be able to get threm around 5..she said..I think so..I was like Gee, thanks so much for your help and hung up...It's now 2 hours away from the time I was told I could get my medicine and I now fear that the typical excuse will be given to me about how "The truck must not have had it" BS..That is this store's excuse al the time..Do they have one truck for everything and if it doesn't have it oh wel??? I also plan on making sure I do not walk out of that place without either the meds I am supposed to and NEED to have or a place to get them today...idiots!
Walmart is and has been, the most awful uncaring, unconcerned bunch i have ever seen..Nexzt time it's Rite Aid pharmacy for me and the local shopping hell with them!

Offender: Walmart
Country: USA   State: All USA

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