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I walked into Applebees at about 3:30 on saturady, Jan 22,2011. I was meeting someone and they had not arrived yet so i was giong to go ahead and order drinks for the two of us. I stood at the door for about 5-8 minutes completly ignored. The bartender who was slighty busy, came out from behind the bar and finally sat me. At this point the bar is a little over half full and there are 2 other tables in the store. I sat at the table for probably another 10 to 15 minutes until my server Amanda came over and asked if i had been helped. I ordered drinks,two sweet teas and a mud slide and also placed an order for the app. sampler. I gave her my id for the mud slide and everything was fine. About 5 minutes later the man i was meeting, an on duty, dressed in uniform police officer, came in. Amanda dropped off our drinks and said the bar was working on my drink, and we placed an order for our food. The on duty manager walks over and asked to see my id. I quickly pulled it out and gave it to him. He then informed me that he could not serve me bc my id was cracked. It was a little bent but not cracked or tampered with in anyway. My id by law is a valid id. Keep in mind i'm sitting with a uniformed police officer who confirmed that my id is valid. Not going to argue i said it was fine and he went away. He seemed to have a weird attitude at first. I don't know if he was intimidated by the officer that was with me or what it was but it wasn't normal. I ordered the sizzeling steak and cheese with the steak well done. I got it and it was medium rare. I sent it back. By this time another waitress who had brought out our appitizer came around to refil my tea glass which had been empty for 5 minutes. She sweetly took my steak back to the kitchen to be cooked some more. Amanda had come around about 8 minutes later and had not even notice that i was sitting there with no food. She asked me where my steak was with a puzzled look on her face. I then told her it was bloody and i sent it back. The manager brings my steak out and now has an annoyed attitude with us. When amanda came back i asked for a to go box put my still pink steak into it and paid the bill. I walk up to the bar to say bye the bartender who has just come on shift. As i'm standing there the manager asks me if some one is helping me and i say that i just wanted to say hi to kay really quick. He replied in an annoyed tone that she was really busy. Yes, i could see that, being a bartender myself, which is why i wasn't going to keep her attention very long. Just long enough to say hi and bye and leave. I didn't want to be rude and completly ignore her seeing as how she is one of my regulars. Long story short, overall moral was horrible. Everyone, with the exception of the 2 bartenders and the girl who filled my tea glass and one other girl, acted like there dog died the same day or that they were angry they had to even be there. I only seen 3 people smile. Amanda, who is not a very attentive server, was atleast sweet and friendly and smiled everytime she walked up to any table. She was probably the happiest one there. This restaurant had been going down hill for some time now. It seems to be a little worse off everytime i go there. Today was the worst and i will never be back. There are a lot of little things that could be fixed to make the bad things not seem as bad.

Offender: Applebee's Corporation
Country: USA   State: All USA

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