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I just bought a PS3 Move bundle system on Friday, 09/17/2010. On Tuesday, 09/21/10 I had to return the PS3 Move bundle system due to a defective hand controller. I bought the item at Best Buy in Margate, FL , store # 1424. I originally called Best Buy to see if I could exchange just the hand controller for another one, but Best Buy indicated that the serial numbers on all the equipment inside the bundle were the same and only a exchange could be done.
So, I pack everything up and went down to Best Buy and this is where my trouble began. I got into the store and told them what was wrong. They opened the PS3 bundle and examined everything with a fine tooth comb. Then they took the hand controller that was defective, compared it to a 6 month old ps3 controller that was returned from another system and then passed this hand controller to 1 other employee and 2 other managers. After 25 minutes they came to the concussion that this hand controller wasn't the one that came with the system. I told Best Buy that I bought this system 5 days ago and it was the only hand controller I had and what were they trying to pull here. The manager, Rachel, said they could not exchange the PS3 system and Best Buy, tried to stick me with defective merchandise. Well at this point I got mad and raised my voice a little. I told the manager Rachel that I brought back what I bought on Friday and now you are trying to get over on me. All that I wanted was another working hand controller that cost $55 at your store or $40 online. Instead you were trying to get me to eat a bad controller and screw me out of 400. At this point I was told to lower my voice, since there were other customers around and I said I would not do so. The customers have a right to know what type of people they are dealing with and how bad the C/S is here. After that Rachel the manger went into the back and told one of the C/S people through there walkies talkies, to let me exchange the old PS3 system for a new one.

I also, had a bad experience with Best But with my son's XBOX 360 limited edition, which was covered under the warranty. That took over an hours before they made good on it.

This whole situation is and was not necessary. Best Buy and there C/S stink. They try to get over on you and make you keep stuff that is defective.


Offender: Best Buy
Country: USA   State: All USA

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