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I have purchased 2 products from this store consisting of a mixer made by Gemini, and a subwoofer made by Gemini. Being that i was all new to this equipment i spent hundreds of dollars on these objects. When i came home i noticed that the speaker's voltage cap wasn't on tight like my other speakers and it was also at the wrong (v) but had no knowledge of it. Its suppose to be on (115v) but it was on (230v) instead as if they fixed it but forgot to change the (v) and screw the (v) cap back on. Also, as soon as i plugged in my mixer it did not work, therefore took it back the very next day and received a new one which is now dysfunctional along with my speaker in the matter of 3 and a half weeks. The problem with my speaker, is that one day when i turned it on it didn't cut on. when i acted on it, i was accused of blowing the speaker out, when that is totally not true being that they have limiters on them. Also my subwoofer and my loud speaker are both connected as one unit (playing at the same limit), and i brought my loud speaker from a different store and it still works perfectly fine. Now that my speaker doesn't work I'm realizing that these products where tampered with and sold to clueless people like myself causing such confusion. Being that all they want is my money, they tried to charge me a charge of $140.00 to get my mixer and my subwoofer repaired giving me the option of paying right then and there for a brand new speaker which doesn't really makes since, because why are you charging me for repair's if you are giving me the option of giving me a brand new one after paying $140.00. Also i believe that they are trying to take my money because when i questioned the floor seller he brought the fee down to $100.00. Of course i declined their offer because i don't want to pay for another broken speaker and go through the same problem. Im not a child and i know how to handle equipment as far as making sure my limiters are not blinking to prevent them from blowing out. I really hope that i can be help being that i work really hard for my money for them to just steal it away from me because that how i feel.Being a college student making very little money, It took me some time to save up $700-$800 for this equipment and i really don't want them to get away with what was done to me. I thank you for what ever help that can be offered to me..... sincerely

Jason Dessasore.

Offender: electronics for best
Country: USA   State: All USA

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