Henderson Police Dept
Watch your back who you are volunteering for!

I volunteered for HPD from Jun 2011-Aug 2011. As I assisted two depts, I was disturbed by a woman, who was suppose to take information down for people who were veterans and are interested in receiving Veteran Quilts. She had an attitude couple of times with me so I brought it up to the Volunteer Coordinator and he didn't do anything about it but said she must have had a bad day. So I thought to myself if this didn't get resolved and she continues treating me this way, I should file complaint and do it on their website which I did and then I later got a call or via email on the complaint. I was told I need to meet with him and another volunteer person. We got together and little did I know I was getting terminated for the short time I was with them and not being forewarned of my termination that day. So in Aug 2011, sometime after my termination, I called up Mayor's office and spoke to Mayor Council where she directed me to the City Manager over the HPD. Little did they did anything about it except to forewarn them not to ever happen to any volunteer workers of a surprised termination without them knowing it. Also, as the City Manager did little checking into, he checked the wrong dept I didn't volunteer the most and the supervisor who I was helping under stated she hardly knew me. Isn't that sad? It stunned me working as a volunteer for these people, especially under Steve Dawson, the dirty way it was done behind my back. He came up for some petty reasons to get rid of me so he didn't have to deal with this again. Especially, when the stuff he thought needed to be investigated into haven't started yet but still went ahead and terminated me. It would make sense to investigate prior to deciding to terminate an individual which was done unfairly. For other future volunteers 'watch your back' for people in that dept. because you don't know if you're next or not knowing what you could or have done wrong in their eyes when you think you've done the right thing. Would this be fair? I remember working hard there during that short time for them but really didn't get the 'real' appreciation but a slap on the hand and terminated. It sounds like to me they don't want to be found of any wrongdoing or to make them look bad, so people like me being a whistleblower type would go speak out and don't like seeing things to be covered up.

Offender: Henderson Police Dept
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 223 Lead Street Henderson 89052 US
Phone: 7022674517
Site: wwwcityofhenderson.com

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