I was standing at the bus shelter located at 144 St. and 3rd Ave. at approximately 9:20 P.M. waiting on the BX-2 bus . The bus was approaching the stop at about 20 mph , I turned to walk closer to the "bus stop sign" , because in the pass I noticed the extended (long busses) , pull well pass the shelter area to the "bus stop sign" . Before I could take three steps the bus accelerated and pulled away , never really slowing down at all . I just got off my 'crutches' on Friday the 27th, and I am aided by a 'cane' now . The area is not that safe and that is why I was standing under the bus shelter where it's well lighted. And at that time of night ( 9:20 P.M.) I had no idea how long it would be before the next bus would arrive . So I was compelled by fear induced stress to walk to the next (closes) BX - 2 stop located on 149 St. and 3rd Ave. Where I happened to catch up with the bus that left me . I asked him why he didn't stop for me and he told me that my body language didn't indicate that I wanted to board his bus , or that I was waiting on a bus at all . Well , unless the bus makes the designated stop , and not just drive by it, how would he know who wants to board. If he would have at lease slowed down long enought for me to tap the side of the bus with my cane it would have been enought indication that I wanted to board ...

Offender: N.Y.C.M.T.A.
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: NY

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