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let me just start at the beginning and explain my situation to you. In December I bought an Acer and returned it a couple days later due to the cheap quality of the tablet and slow processing of the system as well as blurry graphics. I have my own photography business and need a tablet for showing clients finished products and many other things. I researched and found that the Asus Transformer Prime have great graphics, gorilla glass, fast processing and wonderful reviews. So on April 19, 2012 I bought an Asus Transformer Prime from Wal-Mart online. I fell in love with this tablet. There was a small issue that I noticed, the power cord (piece that plugs into the outlet) got extremely hot. I didn’t think anything of it and thought it would be a hassle to send it in for a new one.

On August 22, 2012 I went to turn my tablet on and it wouldn’t power up. I then tried plunging it in thinking maybe it was dead. The charging icon didn’t pop up and it did nothing. I have only had this tablet for 3 months, this tablet shouldn’t be broken I keep it in a case and that it as if it was my baby.So I called Asus support and the person on the phone has me hold the power button for 90 seconds, which resulted in nothing. H e then told me to plug the tablet into the wall and then we tried plugging it into the computer. He then decided that something must be wrong and to have me send it all in. I was then told that I have to provide the packaging and pay for the shipping which had to be from FEDEX or UPS. I went to UPS to have them ship it and pack it and it ended up costing me $37.96 which is ABSURD! Asus should provide the necessary items that are needed to ship their product and pay for shipping. Especially since it is their technical issue. And I haven’t had it for very long!!

After I sent it out I waited the allotted time for it to get there and I went to check the RAM status (because I had not received any kind of confirmation that it was received by Asus) and it says that" the RAM number I entered has not been received by us." So I went and checked the UPS tracking number to see if it was delivered it said it was delivered. I then called and no one had any idea where it was or if it was received. Finally September 10 (3 weeks later) I get a shipment notification and it shows up at my house “fixed” upon opening the box I called Asus to ask what had been done or what was causing this problem (no information in box). I noticed the power cord was new, the person on the phone said that it was tested on their machine and nothing was wrong with it and it turned on with no problems for you. (weird/magical) The next day I started using it again and started having problems. This time it drops the internet signal, freezes, restarts on its own, and has visual seizures. I constantly have to turn off the wireless and restart it. It will say no connection when it is connected to a network with full bars.

I was instructed to send it in again on October 5 and was comped a onetime free shipping which helps a little but I’m still left with a huge inconvenience. So again with no warning but a shipment notification on October 20 and on October 25 I received my tablet back and not even five minutes out of the box the same issue I sent it away for was happening! I was able to bring up Google and search and then five minutes later it said it was unable to proceed and acted like it had no internet connection, in which it had full bars on the wifi. I contacted the Asus support and was instructed to hold the volume down button and power button at the same time. I was then told to download Dolphin browser, this worked for an hour and then proceeded to do the same as before. I called again and was hung up on and called back and was told some upper supervisor would call me within 24-48 hrs, to let me know what else they can do for me. I asked to speak with a supervisor then and they told me there was none. So later my dad called and they told him to send it back for now a third time!!

So I sent it back on October 26. I called last October 31 and was promised and told that an escalation team would contact me within 24-48 hours and have not heard anything from anyone. On Saturday November 3 after checking my RMA I discovered that the technicians are awaiting my response? And they found no issue. I called the customer service center and was told that they would have someone contact me about the issue. Today November 5 I finally just got an email saying: "We were unable to duplicate the problem and test results are NTF (No Trouble Found). Please provide more information so we can try to duplicate the issue or we can send back as NTF. Test Results: No trouble found. The tablet connected to wireless with no problem. Testing over 8 hours the system never dropped the connection. Please note we recommend having router set at 2.4 GHz. The remaining signal strength is going to be up to the router's firmware version, channel, antenna strength and other environmental conditions."I find this hard to believe and don’t understand why I have this issue not only at home but when I am at a clients house and public places. I have no issues with the other electronics that use the wifi at my house so this cannot be the issue. There has to be another way to deal with this issue. This need to be resolved ASAP! This is not only inconvincing me but making me lose money as this is a necessity for my business and use it a great deal! For some reason I keep getting “the run around” and no one can seem to actually help me and people are blaming everything but the tablet. When these techs get this tablet and seem to have no problems they should be calling me to better understand what’s going on.

Offender: ASUS Computer Co.
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 1171 Montague Expressway Milpitas CA 95035
Phone: 88867783688

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