Home Depot
Hung up on me!

I had the tech here in my home with my washer in a millon pieces, told my husband that he could not fix it, would need to take it into his shop, and it would require 2 men as he could not repair it by himself. He also needed to order bearings maybe 3 more parts, he already had the transmission in his shop that he brought out with him today. I called last week and spoke with James, and again today he was the one that sent us over to Gary in claims. My point is that with all the labor and parts will far exceed the cost to replace the washer and if they want to waste their money I guess that is up to you guys, but I could not be without my washer. I have just had a 360 back surgery, so I can't be wagging laundry anywhere. Gary told the tech that the parts are under warranty with GE, Dalton told Gary that his company is not GE certified. Any way long story short I was trying along with the tech, that it would be cost benificial to just replace the washer...he mumbled something, and then hung up on me. I am a licensed claims adjuster, and have been for over 23 yrs, I am quite qualified to know what I was trying to tell Mr. Gary. If you guys want to continue dropping money into this washer fine, however I can't be without one while Grayson Collin Appliance company picks it up and takes it to their shop, only to have Home Depot refuse to pay them because they are not GE Qualified. Then decides what they are going to do with my machine. Tech said with all that has to be replaced and with the labor of 2 , the washer would be trashed out, as it would cost more to repair than it would cost to replace it. I called back and talked to a girl who told me that Gary would call me back and he never did. Terrible customer service on his part.

Offender: Home Depot
Country: USA   State: All USA

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