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Degree of effort misleading

California entry above was in error.

ICPX Software & Media Direct Products says that they will file charges against me with the district attorney if I trigger a Charge-Back on my Credit Card.

*Their statement:

No tolerance with credit card chargebacks:

Your Computers' IP Number (Internet Provider Number) was

logged to prevent Credit Card Fraud. If you dispute the

credit card charge by ICPX Software for any reason, we

will provide your credit card provider (Visa, MC, AM-X,

Discover/Novus) with a logged record of the transaction

showing the time, date, and computer IP Address from which

this transaction originated. < br />

Please pay your credit card charge posted by ICPX Software

responsibly to prevent unnecessary billing complications.


ZeroCostMerchandise / MyZeroCost Merchandise Insiders Associates Program

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There are no limits to the number of products you can request and there are No Tricks or Gimmicks involved - guaranteed!

No jumping through hoops, no surveys to complete, and this program does not involve completing dozens of trial advertising offers from third party companies until you’ve turned blue in the face!

In fact, there are NO advertising offers to complete what so ever with this program!

Consumer products available under the program are Plasma TV’s, LED TV’s, LCD TV‘s, 3D Televisions, GPS Units, Camcorders, Digital Cameras, DVD and Blue Ray Players, Gaming Systems, Cell Phones, Mobile Phones, MP3 Players, Laptops, Notebooks, Desktop Computers, Electronic Reading Devices like the Kindle, Kitchen Appliances, Electronic Toys and over 2, 500 other manufacturer’s items!

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*** THEY SAY: "No Tricks or Gimmicks involved - guaranteed! No jumping through hoops",

NOT TRUE. One has to lie and set oneself up as a professionsl Product Evaluator. Must have a letterhead and a professional-

like email address. One must work for 6 months before asking for a refund and only then if one has not received $5, 000 worth of goods.

There are many Scam reports on ICPX Software & Media Direct Products especially

Thanks and appreciation from a WW2 Veteran who should have known better on my limited Veteran' Disability Pension.

Offender: MyZeroCost Merchandise Insiders Associates Program
Country: USA   State: California

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