child beating cashie

My mother, daughter, and I stopped at a Walmart store on our way home from vacation. As we were shopping through the store, I left my

three year old daughter push one of the carts around the store. I got the feeling that we were given a lot of dirty looks as we went

through the store, but I didn't care. When we finally got two carts full, we decided to leave. When I started to unload the carts at

the checkout, my daughter started running around the aisles and bathrooms. Everytime I brought her back to us, she would run off

again. The cashier seemed to be annoyed at the situation. Some people just don't know what it is like to have a rambuntous three year

old like my daughter. I ignored her. Finally my daughter decided to stay near me. Unfornately, my daughter decided to start climbing

on the carasel. After many other attepts to get her to stop, I gave her some chicken I was buying. As I continued putting things on

the counter, my daughter was standing next to the carasel. Next thing I know, some of my daughter's chicken is on the floor. I

demanded to know what had happened. The cashier told me she had accidently hit my daughter with the carasel. Even though she said she

was sorry, I didn't believe it. I know she was getting annoyed at my daughter and hit her out of spite. At that point I just wanted

out of that store. After all the groceries where scanned, I handed the cashier my coupons. All of my coupons scanned except two. Then

she decides to be a miss coupon know it all, and goes through both of my carts looking for an item. That is when I got pissed. I got

very loud and said boy it sure takes us a lot longer to check out than it does to shop. I also added in that the cashiers like to be

busy bodies and abuse children. The cashier then gave up her fight. She rushed the rest of order, which I thought was very rude and

unprofessional. She looked like she was going to cry. I did give her something to cry about. I went to a manager and reported her. I

hope they fired her. There as no excuse for any of this at all

Offender: Walmart
Country: USA   State: All USA

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