St Lukes Home Health Care Kansas City
Lack of Care

A Lady I help care for was recently hospitalized & St Lukes home health was recomended to us to take care of PIC line that was put in due to infection there were also some wounds that we were dealing with they were to also send a bath aide & nutritionist.. I must say this company is a sorry disappointment..My lady is an overweight amputee who has lived on her own in a very clean well maintained house & able to care for herself except for the few things needed to be done thru home health care.The first nurse that was sent out looked at her & the wheelchair & said you need to go to assisted living well my lady begged to differ & the nurse imformed her she WOULD GO or else the following Monday a State social service worker showed up at the door to evaluate the situation..She is still in her home. Ok one bad nurse the next nurse we got told us they were not going to deal with her wounds so back on the phone with the Dr we got an order for wound care & supplies..3 mo later the wound has been looked at twice by the nurse the 2nd time I have the wounds healed but am still wrapping for comfort & as a barrier all supplies have been cut off..We finally got a bath aide last week we have been waiting for since the end of Feb..Now we are told if everything cannot be gotten in the shower then whatever they get to will be it there will be no finishing with a bed bath..Now this nurse has been out several times & we were dealing with the infection they do not take vitals or temps unless specifically asked to do so & you will be made to know that it is a hassle. We still have not seen a nutritionist repeated calls to the office NEVER get returned..After a couple of months of this enough is enough we are hireing another company I have been a home helper for a few years now & this is the most miserable excuse for a home health company I have ever encounterd..Rude hateful people I can see why they don't work in an actual hospital they would be fired. Shame on you St Lukes

Offender: St Lukes Home Health Care Kansas City
Country: USA   State: Missouri   City: Kansas City

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