Scotts Landscaping Inc.
Didn't get what I Paid fo

I paid them to dig up the rock and dirt, down to the weed barrier, and replace new weed barrier and dirt and then new rock on top all around the house, and about three foot out from the house. They charged me $3850.00. They did this last year July 6th. The main reason I needed it done is after 22 years the moles came up all through the barrier and brought dirt with them and weeds all over. I was having to spray weekly to kill the weeds, and they were getting out of control. So after it was done the weeds were gone and then winter came.

Now I had to go around the house again spraying weeds and I then noticed the black weed barrier right on top and just a few rocks on top. This is NOT the way it was supposed to be.. They laid a fine layer of rock on top of barrier and now the barrier is coming up. I called Scotts last April 13th and talked to Josh, and he tried to tell me the moles did this&sure. He said he'd call back and make an appointment to come and see it. Well, it's the 18th and no word from them. Josh sounded like he could care less about the whole thing.. Is there anything I can do to get more rock on the barrier (which I paid for anyway)?

Offender: Scotts Landscaping Inc.
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Fairview Heights

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