Badcock Furniture

I am writing to inform you about an experience that I had at one of the STORE EMPLOYEE " DANA OWENS: store, located at 3356 S. Church Street, Burlington NC. The incident happened on about November 2011: . . . | I AM AN EXCELLENT PAYING CUSTOMER TO BADCOCK FURNITURE. ... I have been buying furniture from this location for many years, before that store employee: " DANA OWENS " started working there ... The store went from being CORPORATE to John & Dana Owens, both becoming store dealers ... I had always dealt with " Chris, salesman, a wonderful guy, but when that wrinkled old woman, with dry nasty bird nest hair, started working there in November 2011: trust me when I say she is a HORRIBLE person inside & out. The reason is that when i walked in Chris introduced " Dana to myself and my husdand, DANA her face was all up in my husband face, she treated me his wife as though I did not exist ... she completely ignored me ... WHY ? I do not know, this would be the first time I met her. " DANA OWENS was very flirty with my husband, and I THE WIFE AM THE BREAD WINNER, I PAY THE BILL, THE MONEY COMES FROM ME ... After that first day, I returned a month later: to make the payment, that old woman DANA OWENS did not greet me, or ask how I was doing, she screammed out in the store asking me how my husband was, calling out his name ...

Each time I was in the store with my husband, that ugly old woman " DANA OWENS " was all into my husband, talking to him, up in his face, she continue to ignore me the wife. I finally had enough of her trashy actions towards my husband, so I CALLED Corporate to file a complaint, & I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE ANY OF MY MONEY PURCHASES TO THAT " 3356 S. CHURCH STREET, BURLINGTON NC LOCATION. I the wife being a female, I work hard for my money, & I do not want " DANA OWENS " to profite from me or my husband. " She has proven she does not like woman, she is all into the man, & do not go into that store with our husband or boyfriend, because if you do, she will be all into that man & wil treat the woman as though she does not exist. In all the years dealing with BADCOCK Furniture that would have to be the one & only problem I have ever had. So I have decided I will not buy anything from the 3356 S. Church Street, Burlington NC & 4118 Spring Garden St Greensboro, NC 27407 store, because " DANA OWENS also works at that location . . . She treated me the one that pays the badcock bill & buys furniture, she told me the burlington nc store is in debt & the customer are not paying. . .. . | My husband does not like " Dana Owens " because of her actiions towards him infront of his own wife, in the store even, with her husband John there as well. ... " DANA OWENS IS A HORRIBLE STORE EMPLOYEE AND BOTH MY HUSBAND & MYSELF WILL NEVER BUY ANTYHING FROM BADCOCK STORE BOTH LOCATIONS AS LONG AS " DANA OWENS " is there. >>> She has lost her profits from me | I also have heard from employees that work with DANA, the store employees HATE DANA, they told me she is very mean and nasty to work around. Some of the store employees that hve worked there for years, quit & relocated to another badcock store, to get away from DANA OWENS. She is trashy inside and out. " I AM WARNING ANYONE THAT READS THIS MESSAGE, BOYCOT THOSE TWO LOCATIONS: 3356 S Church Street, burlington, nc & 4118 Spring Garden St Greensboro, NC 27407 !!! HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT, HORRIBLE SERVICE ALL COMING FROM " DANA OWENS "

Offender: Badcock Furniture
Country: USA   State: North Carolina   City: Burlington NC

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