Racial Discrimination

I was in Kroger on 2/29/2012 @ 9:11pm. My mom needed to go to the Money Shop to take care of money issues. We did a little shopping afterwards. While I was in the back where the fruits were I told my mom I had very bad chest pains. Mom insisted I get a motorized cart, so I agreed. I went to get the cart from in front of the store, I rode it in the store, and passed by who I believe to be a sheriff's deputy or police officer, he asked me "Hey, Do you have an injury?" I said "I don't have a serious injury my chest hurts and mom said I should get a riding cart, then he said "Good enough". I didn't really like when he asked me this because I was black. My mom and another black lady selling samples asked me, "Did he just say something to you?, I said "Yes, He asked if I had an injury". My mom and the lady didn't think it was right for him to ask me that." I was very upset, he didn't ask the other white kids if they had an injury he lets them slide, but me nooooo! It's not right and it is an outrage that we get treated the way we do, it's to the point where I take everything racist. If you go ask me ask everybody else also.

Offender: none
Country: USA   State: Ohio   City: Cincinnati

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