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I have been scammed by for over 1 year! They have a auto renewel policy that without permission or prior notification can bill my credit card without warning. The customer has to cancel within 3 days for any credit to occur. The problem here is several 1.) my auto insurance policy always provides at least a 3 day notice prior to billing my account so I am aware - - DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY NOTICE so by the time one reviews their statement the 3 days has easily passed and you are forced to keep the subscription for $59.97 for an additional 90 days. 2.) I had SWORN that prior to attending graduate school I had turned off their "auto renewel" option in 11/09. Come to find out almost 1 year later, that I have been billed consecutively throughout the year till 3/11 every 90 days...SOMEHOW, MATCH.COM is easily able to turn-on or the mechanism is so easily triggered the auto-renewel button begins billing again! There is not even a message from that immediately follows saying "Thank you for your subscription". The customer has NO WAY of knowing these billing transactions are occuring!!! Obviously, here is "NO" guarantee for the customer that if your credit card stays on file with them, they will STOP continuously billing you. There is no communication from them regarding renewels, confirmations, notices. YOU must realize problem!!! THIS AUTO-RENEWEL WITHOUT NOTIFICATION/OR PRIOR PERMISSION AND 3-DAY MANDATORY CANCELLATION FOR REFUND IS HOW MATCH.COM IS SCAMMING AND MAKING $$$$$$$ OFF THEIR CUSTOMER'S!!! They hire very sweet, customer focused women (Michele and Theresa) that ease the customer frustrations that are the messengers for these scam artist owner jerks!!! To stay ahead of their game, if you chose to subscribe, make certain they do not keep your credit card on file. Which will involve calling and speaking to a customer representative - not sure if that wil still be sufficent enough...Today, I have contacted my credit card company to fight these bogus, and unethical billing practices!!! I am also going to the BBB.

In this economy, these businesses have become REALLY LOW-DOWN CROOKS! They steal when you are NOT watching! Buyer beware! Check out the founders Gary Kremens perspective on money

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