Driving to fast

There was a a fedex driver i dont know what her name was but it was around 3:00 in ellsworth, she was a blonde lady and the truck number was 243990, i was driving up to the light and i was stopped at it and i looked in my mirror and i saw this girl flying fast around behind me at the light and if i wouldnt of seen her in my mirror and creeped forward a little bit then she would have hit me. and as we proceeded into the parking lot theres a swerve in the parking lot to go through and i turned my blinker on to turn, and she was flying again behind me i had to speed up forward to the next turn in cause she was going so fast she almost hit me again, i was not happy alot of people and myself have seen her before and how she drives and they agree she drives to fast, she has been around doing that job for awhile i think but that still doesnt give her the right to "own " the road like she did, just wanted to put that out there.

Offender: FedEx
Country: USA   State: Maine   City: Ellsworth

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