Windsor At Aviara
Scammed out of thousands- rental security deposit

THEY TOOK ME for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS by refusal to mail me back an ADDITIONAL Month Security Deposit that was requested of me upon lease renewal in September of 2017 (they failed to collect the additional month and emailed me within 2-3 weeks into the lease stating they required the extra amount which I then promptly paid).

NOW they are refusing to acknowledge the existence of the deposit and are refusing to mail it back to me. Apparently it was NOT RECORDED PROPERLY thus I am PENALIZED for their inability to NOT only collect the deposit originally when due YET failure to RECORD IT!!!

I paid out TENS OF THOUSAND of DOLLARS to SMELL DOG POP and DOG PISS AND NOW THIS!!!??? In the 4+ years of living at Windsor the sidewalks seemed to get worse with ground up mashed up DOG POOP which was never resolved. It seemed every 2-3 months Windsor sends emails communitywide for people to clean up after their dogs and the plethora of DOG POOP and ODORS of DOG PISS REMAIN.

With my own eyes a resident of 6530 Ambrosia let her small black/white pug/pug mix PISS ALL OVER THE MAIN ENTRACE SIDEWALK at 2pm in afternoon where no one around (she did not hear me walking down steps observing this). She lied about her dog stating the dog fell over when in fact it was upright the entire time.

Pay TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS - stay there 5 years with increasing rents that is $100,000+ to SMELL DOG POOP and SEE DOGS PISSING AND SMELL THE PISS and NOW THIS!!!

Christine Chase (Senior Property Manager) ([email protected]) has been UNWILLING to ACKNOWLEDGE the existence of this extra deposit and mail it back to ME!!!! HOW DARE SHE!!!

Jessica Perovich (Assistant Property Manager) ([email protected]) (her name was Jessica Linares 2 months ago) has been UNWILLING to ACKNOWLEDGE the existence fo this extra deposit and mail it back to ME!!! HOW DARE SHE!!!

I have been SCAMMED, CONNED, RIPPED OFF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS by Windsor at Aviara and they are refusing to do the NEEDFUL and mail it back to me - it appears as their previous data entry errors and their refusal to MAKE GOOD have COST ME THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!!! This is my experience as a 4+ year tenant to do me dirty in an environment with sidewalks caked in DOG POOP, SMELLING DOG PISS and NOW THIS!!!!

HOW DARE YOU Windsor at Aviara!! How dare you Christine!!! How dare you Jessica!!

Offender: Windsor At Aviara
Country: United States   State: California   County: San Diego   City: Carlsbad   Zip: 92011
Address: 6610 Ambrosia Lane
Phone: 7609201203

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