Santa Barbara Tax Products Group
IRS Refund Hijacked

i HAVE USED TURBO TAX FOR AT LEAST THE LAST 4 OR 5 YEARS WITH NEVER A PROBLEM UNTIL THIS YEAR. I checked my "Where's my refund" IRS refund website and it finally said "scheduled be sent to your bank March 1st. I checked on March 2nd, and said website indicated that the funds had been direct deposited on March 1st. I checked my bank---nada! No refund had been deposited. I called IRS and they said, Oh Turbo Tax has it. I called Turbo Tax and they said it was with the Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (SBTPG). WHO????? "WHY???"
I called SBTPG and was told there was "suspicious activity" on my account and they have a hold on it. They required I send them a copy front and back of a government ID. I did that, but no hold was released. They basically told me to call in a week or so. Mind you, just to be brief, I am not telling the telephone adventures we had with them. One told me the computers never work so call back. My wife and I had at least five calls with them today. They said "well you signed the contract"!!!
I thought the third party was Turbo Tax, given I was the first person, filing with the IRS the second person, etc. I never heard of them and their relationship to Turbo Tax. They were always in every call arrogant and unhelpful. They act like its their money, not my money. I mean, why do they even have my money. I used get my refunds from the IRS, not some people I never heard of. I told them I would contact the US Attorney and you could hear them saying "oh now they are threatening legal action and hung up." I am going to file a complaint in the morning, in addition to complaining to the California Attorney general as well that of my own state AG office. What these people are doing is "wire fraud." I have no idea when I'm going to see my refund, but I am positive they are going to punish me and put it in a drawer some place. Bottom line, DO NOT BUY TURBO TAX FOR 2017 IF THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO.

Offender: Santa Barbara Tax Products Group
Country: USA   State: California   City: La Jolla

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