Firestone Tire & Auto Ctr
Ripping Off Customers

Beware of most all Tire & Auto Service Centers everywhere they are telling the customers they need repairs they don't need. Let me start by saying I'm not a victim because I'm a darn good mechanic myself for almost 50 years don't need or trust most repair centers or shops. My reason for posting this is because I have seen the way repair centers do their business. For many years I have recheck vehicles that the owners were told they need to replace parts that were not bad. People you need to understand that auto repairs center are not always telling you the truth when they claim you need repairs. These Tire & Auto Repair Center mechanics are paid on commission they cheat the customer 80% of the time. When you go in for tires or oil change they look for any little thing to claim you need parts. Sure sometimes they do find a real problem, but was it a problem before they found it. Struts, Shocks, Sway bar ends, Tie rod ends, Rake & Pinion, and Radiator flush, the list is much longer of things they always seem to find bad. These Tire & Auto Repair Center owners and manager knows these mechanics are lying. Managers also are paid extra to keep sale up so why are they going to be honest. Your vehicle may have a little oil or fluid somewhere and it gets on other parts. About 90% of every vehicle on the road has some minor fluid leaks and some of the time it's where either the repair shop over fill or let some fluid miss it proper fill hole. ( Part of the scam ) When changing the engine oil and filter some oil get on the undercarriage. But later on when you bring the vehicle in for another service they claim you need something replaced. Also some repair centers claim they can't fix the real problem without fixing some other unrelated problem. "Part of the rip off" You are the paying customer it's your chose what they fix. If a repair center can't do what you ask go somewhere else. Before you leave your vehicle for repairs think smart find someone you think you can trust to check the vehicle again. But whatever you do don't tell another shop what the other repair center or shop said you need to replace. If you have a problem with these parts they should be able to find the problem. If you feel that you are being scammed post on CL or any other web site that can help stop the scams let everyone know why. That's also a way to see if other people where told the same things with their vehicles. I'm not suggesting you go to any repair center or suggest that you let me fix your vehicle. I'm just trying to get people to be aware of the scams. AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, Carquest, and other parts stores is where most shop get the parts they install on your vehicle and these parts are fine. Very few OEM parts are used to fix your vehicle. So watch out for over pricing ask where your new replacement parts came from and get the old parts they take off. Your vehicle may need some repairs but make sure don't be a victim. It's a costly mistake that you pay for. Good Luck If you agree with what I have posted copy and paste on CL and help stop these shops from cheating the public. If you don't agree that's your right but when it happen to you remembers you did not listen to the warning of a experienced mechanic... Women and Older people are more than men, but men today don't know much about the vehicle they drive and these mechanics know that.

Offender: Firestone Tire & Auto Ctr
Country: USA   State: All USA

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