Ford Motor Company
Ford's New Corporate Motto, "We Have Your Money, Screw You"

We purchased a 2013 Ford C-Max on October 30, 2012. We wanted another hybrid (we also have a 2006 Toyota Prius) and the C-Max is "rated" at 47 mpg city and highway.

Instead of the rated 47 mpg, we're averaging 39.5 mpg.

Our C-Max has been back to the dealership for service FIVE times, four times for the electronic "brain" (Ford Sync) and one for a mechanical failure, which required the driver's power seat track to be replaced.

The electronic issues range from the GPS being off calibration, the clock changing itself randomly, the phone not automatically connecting and the main control panel not displaying all the information.

We have read many complaints online regarding the Ford Sync system. There is NOTHING intuitive about using the system.

At least 50% of the time the "foot activated" tailgate does not work. It unlocks but remains closed.

Twice we have gotten into the car, pressed the brake and pushed the start button and the car did not start. Everything lights up as normal but when we put the car into gear nothing happens. We had to “shut the car off” and re-start it.

The most recent issue is a random noise. It sounds like a monotone howl, like the sound when blowing air across the top of a soda bottle.

Recently our front windshield cracked. I understand that those things happen, however, in the past I've always seen and heard a good sized stone hit. In this case it sounded like a bug hit the windshield. When I looked over to see the streak of "guts" there was a crack.

I have written two letters to William Clay Ford, Jr with copies to Alan Mulally, Joseph R. Hinrichs, and Bennie W. Fowler. The first was mailed on February 20 and the second on February 27. As of today, April 20, I have received no response.

More recently, I have been dealing with the corporate customer care. I asked for an extended warranty since there have been so many issues and I have no confidence in the car. That request was denied. They believe the car is fine since the service department cannot replicate the problems. I requested that Ford buy the car back under the lemon laws, but it was denied. Ford says my issues do not meet the Arizona lemon law criteria. They continue to treat me as if their corporate motto is "WE HAVE YOUR MONEY, SCREW YOU".

With all of the vehicles my wife and I have bought through the years, we have NEVER had to take a brand new car back to the dealer for anything other than an oil change.

Many of the features this car offers work so sporadically that due to our frustration we have stopped using them, making those features a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!!!

This was the first Ford I have ever purchased and based on my experience it will DEFINITELY be my last!!

Offender: Ford Motor Company
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 1 American Road Dearborn MI 48126
Phone: 3133223000

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