Norwich Glass LLC
Disrespectful and incomplete service

On May 2nd I had an appointment with Norwich Glass to replace my windshield. When I made the appointment, the owner told me it would be $240 for everything and I wrote that down on the business card he gave me (I did so in front of him). I scheduled my appointment for an early morning slot so my car would be ready by the afternoon. At around 4:00pm I asked my wife to drive me down to pick up my car. I had not heard anything from the company, so I called to see if my car was done. They told me it would not be finished until 5:00pm. When my wife and I arrived I noticed that they had replaced my windshield, but never put channels on the sides of the glass like they were supposed to. I went inside and stated that I was unhappy that the job took so long and that they never put channels on my windshield. The owner was extremely rude and gave me a lot of attitude. He said "if you're going to complain just know I didn't have to fix your windshield today. The windshield and channels I ordered never came in so I had to drive to Utica just to get a windshield for the car." Then proceeded to tell me the bill came out to $280. I informed him that I only brought $240 with me because that was the price he quoted me for. He accepted the money and I left. I went to adjust my rear view mirror and noticed that my fingers were hitting the ceiling. On closer investigation I noticed that someone had just taken a straight razor and cut the ceiling interior to get the windshield in. They never bothered to reattached the upholstery to the ceiling. So I went back to speak with the owner again. I told him about the problem with the ceiling lining. And he said "well that's the way it is, just be glad we were able to do your windshield today". I responded by letting him know I did not appreciate his attitude and that he should have called me to let me know that the parts were not in for my car. I also informed him that I would let other people know not to bring their business to Norwich Glass. I happened to be wearing my Iraqi war veteran hat and he said "do you think you look all big and bad with a veteran hat on?" to which I replied "No, I'm just proud of my service that allows people in this country to have freedom and gives people like you the opportunity to have a business". And I left. He was completely out of line and extremely rude. The job was done poorly and wasn't even finished! The fact that he made a comment about my veteran status was just the last straw.

Offender: Norwich Glass LLC
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 6350 County Rt 32 Norwich NY 13815
Phone: 6073346047

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