silver lining service
ad service messed up A/C unit and he sent me to court

I called 661-2434-0115 number posted on for a A/C tune up and they charge $99 for complete tune up and they sent me a supposably a technician named Charlie Soqui with a CA license 894126 and the business name is SILVER LINING SERVICE Heating & Air conditioning and when he came in the house my A/C was working but it didn't cool enough , I asked him if it only needed freon refrigerant and he responded saying what a nice house and he just kept looking around the house and wasn't paying much attention to what i was saying and then he said he was going to check the A/C I PERSONALLY helped him take everything on top of the roof , he then asked me for a water hose I took the hose up , he was wasting time on his phone ,then he started wetting everything he acted like he knew what he was doing , when he put the gages to check the freon , it looked like he didn't what he was doing. supposably he finished doing the tune up and he wanted to start the A/C and it didn't turn on . I asked him what happened and he only responded "I don't know" he tried to start it again but he didn't even know to use the thermostat. I told him we need the A/C because we had a 4 month baby and it was to hot , i asked him if he was going to come back to fix it , and he said he was going to charge me more and I told him when you came the A/C was working and now your leaving my A/C not working i paid him with a check because i thought he was coming back to fix it . The next day i had to call PG&E and they told me i need to contact SMART A/C PROGRAM and they sent me a real technician and he fixed the problem the other one couldn't fix. I called the main office at (661)243-0115 so i can talk to the manager to report Charlie Soqui but the person of the office said that it wasn't there problem that they had nothing to do with it , that it was a separate business . They didn't want to be responsible for the person they sent to tune up the A/C. I called my bank to ask if i can cancel a check for bad service and they told me i have the right to cancel it , so i did because he never came back to fix it. A week later he came back in the morning when he knew I was working and tried to charge my wife , that same day i called him and told him I would pay him if he fixed it and he said no that he was gonna take me to court and now he tried to charge me $244 when he didn't even finish his job. I'm posting the situation so you can be aware of this kind of people.

Offender: silver lining service
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 1436 crestmont dr BAKERSFIELD CA 93386
Phone: 8054538212

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