Contract Misleading

Ryan Tech came out this week for my Annual AC Checkup which i pad for and he said my handler coil was bad. He said i need a new unit. it was 13 years old, R22 refrigerant is outlawed and cannot get parts for my unit. Tried to "scare" me. So he called Sales Rep Steve who showed up in 20 minutes and said yep it's bad. Yep, can't repair have to replace and worked up a price which included $1,400 reduction for bad coil and reductions for rebates, etc. Said i had to sign this week for the $200 reduction sale. Said i had to get at least 1 more price. So he left. I called a (30 year firm) he was there within 30 minutes. He immediately noticed that the Condenser had a OIL LEAK, looked at the handler and agreed i needed a new unit. He gave me the SAME BOTTOM LINE PRICE with added extras like permanent UV light, new thermostat, etc.

I went with him because he found the Oil Leak. I want to know from SA why on every 22 point annual inspection NO ONE found the oil leak or the bad coil. And why Ryan did not find the oil leak when he was right there replacing some pvc pipe? Oil leak could have started recently (hummmm, had ac repaired about 6 months ago, it stopped running - tech did not say what happened and did not give me any paperwork). Tech said nothing about coil or oil leak. How long was the coil bad???? If all of these previous techs would have said something maybe SA could have repaired it BEFORE R22 was outlawed and parts were no longer available..

I read my contract. It states SA has the right to offer a cash payment. I do not see anywhere in the Contract that states I MUST use SA. So I asked SA for a $1,400 refund for the Coil and someone called Kevin called me and said i was mistaken, He said SA HAD THE RIGHT TO MAKE A CASH SETTLEMENT-not me.. And I HAD TO USE SA's services or SA walks away!!

So, someone please explain "cash settlement". Contract says if I refuse to have condenser repaired SA does not have to fix anything. So, once again, someone please explain "cash settlement". And, look at it this way if he gave me 1,400 for the handler he should have found the oil leak and given me 1,400 for the oil leak.

I cancelled my 9th year contract.

Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 2755 nw 63rd. Court Ft. Lauderdale FL 33309
Phone: 9547448110

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