Not giving refund arrogant

Customer: My registered email is
Amar: Hi! Welcome to How may I assist you today?
customer: My registered email is
Customer: ?
Amar: ?
customer: Its for a refund buddy
Amar: What is the concern????
customer: Do you all use the same Id?
customer: Amar
Amar: I cannot check case details due to some tech issue. Please contact us back later
customer: What is the contact number?
Amar: No number
Amar: Thank you for chatting with us. If you have any more queries, please feel free to contact us at anytime. Bye!

He closed it straight away, without waiting for my reply.

Next I changed my name and contacted.

Amar: Hi! Welcome to How may I assist you today?

Finch: I need a contact number mate.

Finch: I need my money back

Finch: Dont close the chat on me, is this how you are taught to service customer?

Amar: There is no number Mr. Customer

Finch: Give me the owner number

Amar: Are you able to see above reply???

Finch: Who is the owner

Finch: Give me his full name

Amar: No details

Finch: I will lodge a complaint in Australia and make sure you guys are black listed.

Finch: $100 is not much for me but I am not going to leave it, just so that you wont do the same to other customers.

Finch: How dare you close the chat on me.

Amar: Is there anything else I may assist you with today?

Finch: Yes, I need the address of your office.

Amar: alias alias

Amar: Watch India TV (W.I.TV) Ltd. ("Company" or "we") 24, Lord Byron Str. Lamanco Court,2nd floor, Office 205 P.C. 6023, Larnaca, Cyprus. 357 24 654847

Finch: Mate, I am going to post this chat on the blog.

Finch: Are you fooling around with me?

Finch: If you really dare to show your arrogance, give me your phone number I will call you.

Finch: Dont sit there behind the screen and act all too smart.

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 18662939613

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