Refinancing Issues

My daughter and son-in-law, have had a home loan with CitiMortgage for a number of years at a 10% rate. They have never missed a payment and never been late. Yet when they call requesting a rate adjustment, they are told they must go through refinancing and pay all those costs again.
I am complaining about this because I originally recommended this company based on its past history of being good to work with and now realize they are no longer that sort of company. I want people to know that they need to beware of CitiMortgatge/Citibank and do business elsewhere.
CitiMortgage is playing some sort of crazy game because they contacted a friend of mine asking if he wanted to get his interest rate dropped with no refinancing charges. Of course, he did so he asked them to send him the paperwork. In reading over it, he noticed that they had, in fact, charged refinancing charges and rolled them into his loan so he called them back and told them he would not sign. They said they would correct the error and resend his paperwork. Again, although they had moved some numbers around, they still were charging him refinancing charges rolled into his loan so he would pay nothing up front.
He called CitiMortgage again asking if they were serious about offering him a lower rate with no charges. They assured him they were and that they would send the paperwork a third time. He reminded them that it was fraudulent to try to sneak charges in by rolling them into the loan and eventually he did get paperwork that allowed him to lower is loan rate with no refinancing charges.
I am now convinced that CitiMortgage needs to be flagged so people are aware that they must be very cautious doing business with them. They are attempting to refinance loans offering lowered rates to some claiming there will be no refinancing charges. Many will not read or will not understand what they read to realize that they are, in fact, paying refinancing charges since they do not have to write a check for the charges. Worse than that, now CitiMortgage has not only defrauded them by charging fees the promised not to charge, but they are charging interest on the loan that paid the fees.
Meanwhile, they are refusing to lower rates for people who are being charged twice the going rate without charging them refinancing charges. At the same time, many banks are calling their clients in offering to lower mortgage rates on loans that have extremely high interest rates.
I want this CitiMortgage, Inc to lower my daughter's interest rates to under 5% and by rights this should be effective a year ago (Summer-Fall 2012) since she has been trying for that long to get them to help her and interest rates were even lower then than now.

Offender: CitiMortgage,Inc
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: P.O. Box 6243, 701 East 60th Street, North Sioux Falls 57117
Phone: 8002837918

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