In-N-Out Burge
In-n_out Burger may expect you to "SHOW CHARACTER" THEIR WAY!!

After 8 years of loyality, deticatiom and great reviews it all didnt matter once I got hurt on the job! It was amazing just how quickly I a once valued, trusted and well liked employee was tossed away. I had become what seemed to me as an enemy to In-N-Out Burger. My direct boss Ryan Swab actually stated to me in a phone conversation "you can either do things the easy way or the way with character"! This was in an email dated September 5, 2012 between myself and Ryan Swab. I asked for an explanation of just what that meant. I am still waiting for Ryan Swab to explain that to me. I guess if you work for In-N-out Burger and your injured on the job and actually think your going to get medical attention and coverage. Then according to Ryan Swab the Manager of the Painting Department at On-N-Out Burger then you have NO CHARACTER!
I guess someone WITH CHARACTER would have not cared that they were exposed to Isocyanates.
I guess an employee with character in Ryan Swabs eyes would say "it's ok In-N-Out Burger for exposing me to Isocyanates." "Not a problem I hadn"t planned on living long anyway"!
I know In-N-Out Burger has always had a "cult-like" following but I didn't realize Ryan Swab and Others at the corporate office had obviously been "DRINKING THE KOOL AID"!!!

Offender: In-N-Out Burge
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 4199 Campus Drive 9th floor Irvine CA 92612
Phone: 9495096319

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