Wallstreet Investing Group
Wallstreet Investing Group Scam or no Scam, Ponzi or No Ponzi

We initiated a JV deal with them in April. Went to New York in June and met with them at their Regus Offices on Water Street, actually a little cubby hole they must have given them. Made our presentation and got a SIGNED JV agreement in July for full funding to be deposited in August. Come August excuse after excuse why the UAE and Dubai and Dr Al Sharif could not fund just yet. We made an offer on the commercial property spent $25,000 in Earnest Money and then put $60,000 in to the facility. We performed our part as a JV partner. Come September, then October and finally we got a call after a post was made on a scam board asking if anyone had dealt with them saying "I don't like that and we are not going to do the deal" Today we are about ready to get booted from the property, we are out $125,000 approximately after attorneys fees etc to get them to perform her signature and come to find out there are 6 others that put up money and nothing or put up money and may have gotten it back. How one person can destroy lives, yes destroy lives in one fell swoop. Don't let the web site fool you. Those faces do not exist. Since all of this they have hired someone named Leroy Bell and a Cannel Caton from Miami and North Carolina and Opened another office in New York. Hmm spending our money as fast as she can. Note there is no false information here just facts. STAY FAR FAR AWAY Posting on Scam Board and we have a dozen other sites to report on so hopefully no one else gets scammed. Sad but all true.

Offender: Wallstreet Investing Group
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 77 Water Street Manhattan NY 10005
Phone: 16313529457
Site: www.wallstreetinvestinggroup.com

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