Canadian Tire
Spark plugs fell out while driving on freeway

Had spark plugs replaced on September 20, 2013 at Canadian Tire located at 2510-50th Ave, Red Deer Alberta. Going down freeway on November 21st at 120km/hr. Heard VERY loud BANG. Able to get to side of freeway. Smelled gas and my 4-runner making funny noise. I thought engine had blown up or else it was my transmission. It was not drivable. I called BCAA for a tow truck. Had no idea where I was except knew I was on prairie and still had a ways to go. Very cold. -17 but colder with high winds. Tow truck asked where I wanted to be towed. I asked to be towed to someone who was part of CAA. Tow company could not find me for a while. They went 81km out of their way searching for me. Not one person stopped to help me even though my hood was up and flashers on.Had to tow me 109km into Red Deer. Sat on freeway 2.5 hours.
Brought my truck to Don's Tire and Auto Repair. I talked to them and said i thought me truck was dead. They said they would try to look at it the next day or Monday at latest. Got a call from Don's Auto the next day late in afternoon and they asked me if I wanted to pick up truck.Said that whoever put my spark-plugs in never tightened them. They were all loose and #6 have fallen out ripping the wires. When I contacted Canadian Tire a few days later I requested my bill paid from Dons (381.42)and a refund on the spark plugs they put in my truck ($172.57). They said since I did not bring truck to them I was out of luck. My warranty was now void. I sent a complaint to corporate and they will refund me the spark plugs put in by Canadian Tire but will not cover my bill to replace them. They were rude and accused me of purposely not bringing the truck to them and said I knew it was the spark plugs. How on earth would a girl or any average person KNOW that it was the spark plugs that caused the break down? For them to safe tough luck makes me very concerned about the quality of their customer service
I want only what is fair and that is to be reimbursed for the damage Canadian Tire caused to my 4-runner. I was told if I accept the refund from them I would have to sign a waiver that I would not go after them.
How do I deal with this?

Offender: Canadian Tire
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 2510-50th Ave Red Dee
Phone: 4033422223

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